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Petland Summerville is a family-owned business that has been operating in the Summerville & Charleston community for almost 6 years! We specialize in matching our puppies for adoption with the right person and meeting the needs of both. Whether you’re interested in taking home a puppy or maybe something a little smaller, like a bird or a small animal, we have everything you need to care for and spoil your newest family member!

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It's estimated that Americans own around 70 million dogs.

We are proud of our commitment to animal welfare and quality of our pets.

There are many options for adding a puppy to your family.

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Pet Tips


Ways to Ease Anxiety in Dogs: Understanding Canine Anxiety

Dogs are in tune with our feelings – sometimes before we are; but how good are we at reading their expressions and body language to give them the same courtesy? A dog’s breed may give indications about its general temperament but that often fails to paint the entire picture. Past trauma and their general personality […]

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Holiday Puppy Palooza: How to Convince Your Family to Get a Puppy

If you and your family are considering adopting a dog or getting a puppy this holiday season, we couldn’t be more excited for you! Dogs are some of the best companions and a testament to how magical unconditional love is. Even with all the warm fuzzies you get from your pup, the messes and the […]

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Hiking Season: A Guide for You and Your Dog

Leash Lessons – Stick to What You Know! There’s nothing wrong with your traditional 6-foot leash.A change from a 6-ft to 15-ft leash could seem manageable to you but it’s a huge change for your dog. They learn to reach to shifts in your hands, weight, and tugs to indicate where they should go. Any […]

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