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Breed Profile: French Bulldog

Breed Profile: French Bulldog

March 4, 2021

Did you know that the French Bulldog is the most popular dog in New York City? These dogs make the perfect city-dwelling companion with their easy-going personality, small size, and cute appearance. 

Find out more about these lovable and playful companions and where you can find French Bulldog puppies!

Breed Profile of a French Bulldog: Brief History

These adorable ‘Frenchies’ are not even from France. The origins of the French Bulldog go back to the 19th century in Nottingham, England. Lacemakers used selective breeding to create a smaller toy Bulldog to serve as a lap dog. 

The Industrial Revolution came along, displacing many of these lacemakers and forcing them to head to France, with their miniature Bulldogs in tow. Of course, some of these dogs landed up in Paris and wealthy Americans, smitten with the breed, began bringing these dogs to the US. 

In 1897 the French Bull Dog Club of America was founded and the breed continues to be a much-loved companion around the globe.

French Bulldog Characteristics: Adaptability, Grooming, and Trainability

These bat-eared cuties are truly a one-of-a-kind dog breed that is perfect for a first-time dog-owner. Their compact size makes these dogs adaptable to apartment living and city life. 

That being said, they will thrive in a city with a moderate climate as these pups don’t respond well to the cold and they struggle in extreme heat. They’re also prone to separation anxiety and hate to be alone. Luckily, they’re the perfect size to accompany you everywhere! 

Frenchies are intelligent and willing to learn — they also love food, which is something to keep in mind when training these dogs. They respond well to basic training but can be challenging to health train, therefore crate training is recommended for this breed.

These pups are easy to groom and shed only moderately. Give them a proper brush and bath every once in a while to keep their coat in tip-top shape. 

French Bulldog Personality 

The French Bulldog traits lean more towards lapdog than jogging companion. They prefer to cuddle up with you than to head out on a run — their flat faces make exercising and panting challenging for them. 

Frenchies make wonderful companions and family dogs as they are extremely affectionate and friendly. They love to play and they’re good with children and other animals. 

These are chilled-out dogs who have low energy needs but are still very playful and comedic. If you’re looking for a fun-loving companion, start searching for a French Bulldog puppy for sale now! 

French Bulldog Puppies 

It’s difficult not to love these pint-sized, fun-loving, and easy-going dogs. Frenchies are adorable looking and have the personality to match. You’ll always have a smile on your face with a Frenchie by your side. 

We have beautiful French bulldog puppies for you to choose from. Contact us today to find your new best friend.

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