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Breed Profile: Pomsky

Breed Profile: Pomsky

January 7, 2021

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The majestic Siberian Husky mixed with the playful Pomeranian gives you the oh-so-adorable Pomsky! This designer dog breed has existed for less than 10 years but they’re booming in popularity. They’re fun, playful, and full of energy.

Are you interested in these dogs? Then you can discover more about our Pomsky puppies below!

Pomeranian Husky History and Origin 

This is a brand new breed and has only been around since 2012. Two friends in Arizona used artificial insemination to breed the first litter of Pomskies. 

A meme on the internet claiming to be a mix of the two dogs (but was actually Finnish Lapphund puppies) went viral, instigating the idea to create the mix. 

The demand for these adorable Siberian Husky and Pomeranian mixes has boomed and Kennel Clubs, such as The Pomsky Club of America, have since formed. 

What Does a Pomsky Look Like?

Because this is a mixed breed, there is no guaranteed appearance of this dog. Sometimes, the puppies take on more of an appearance of a Pomeranian than a Husky, or vice versa. 

Typically, these dogs have stunning eyes that emulate those of the Husky, ranging in a variety of vivid colors from blue to amber. 

These pups have thick, double-coated coats. Usually, their coats are a combination of gray, cream, fawn, white or brown.

How Big Is a Pomsky?

These dogs are strong and muscular, usually ranging from small to medium-sized. Their height varies between 10 and 16 inches and they weigh between 20 to 30 pounds. 

An Unpredictable Temperament in Mixed Dog Breeds

When it comes to mixed breeds, the temperament is as unpredictable as the appearance. It all comes down to the genetic makeup of the mother and father. There are a couple of typical traits that overlap in Siberian Huskies and Pomeranians. 

Both parents are very intelligent, loving, and playful, so Pomskies are likely to emulate those characteristics. On the other hand, these dogs are very vocal, often whining, howling, and barking. 

What You Need to Know if You’re Thinking About Buying a Puppy 

Here are some quick-fire points about the Pomsky breed that can help you get to know the dog a little bit better before jumping into raising a puppy.

These dogs:

  • Respond well to positive and reward-based training 
  • Can be stubborn and willful 
  • Have tons of energy 
  • Are alert and protective dogs 
  • Are wary of strangers if not socialized properly
  • Make great family dogs with the right training
  • Shed a lot and require frequent grooming 
  • Have a high prey drive

Due to their high energy, the ideal home for a Pomsky would be somewhere with enough space for them to run around. They also need somewhere where they can bark without bothering the neighbors. 

Are You Looking for a new Pomsky?

Pomskies are very new designer dogs with a lot of potential. Besides being incredibly cute and fluffy, they are intelligent and loving and will make fantastic companions.┬áIf you’re searching for the perfect Pomsky in Summerville, SC contact us to learn more about the availability of puppies. We can answer any questions you might have about the breed.

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