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Can Dogs Heal the Winter Blues?

Can Dogs Heal the Winter Blues?

November 6, 2018

As the fall season fades and old man winter settles into our city’s temperature it’s not uncommon to suffer from the symptoms of depression.

Cold weather can put a damper on social events and cause feelings of isolation and cabin fever. If your Googling “puppies for sale near me” in search for a cure to the winter blues, read on to learn Petland’s take.


Each day in our Petland store we meet potential pet owners who are in the market for an exercise companion. Exercise is a great way to beat the winter blues because even on cold snowy days, dogs need exercise. Having a puppy will motivate you to put on your winter hat, gloves, and boots and brave the cool temperatures to ensure your furry friend gets his bathroom break and exercise. Sometimes fresh air is just what the doctor ordered to beat the winter blues.


In our Petland stores we hear the funniest and most heartwarming stories from satisfied pet owners.  It’s a fact that pets do the darndest things, from making messes to making us smile. There is sure to be a ton of laughter on your journey of pet parenting. Laughter is a great remedy for the winter blues.


There are endless amounts of unconditional love in store for any potential dog owner. The bond between man and dog is unlike any other. Puppies have the capacity to form loving bonds with their owners quickly and easily and will go to great lengths to protect their masters. Dogs can also sense the emotions of their loved ones, and are willing to go the extra mile to ensure their parents are content. You can expect cuddles, kisses, and plenty of quality time from a puppy, which should surely heal any form of the winter blues.


If you searched “puppies for sale near me” to find a remedy for your winter blues, come into a Petland location today to see our selection of lovable puppies.

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