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Did You Know Petland Has the Cutest Small Dog Breeds for Sale?

Did You Know Petland Has the Cutest Small Dog Breeds for Sale?

June 15, 2019

Are you looking for cute small dog breeds for sale to bring home this summer?

Well, Petland has got your back because we have lots of small dog breeds to choose from! It is important that you understand the qualities of some of our small dog breeds before selecting them. They are all great animals in their own way. Here are just a few small dog breeds for sale at our Petland locations. Want to check out pictures of puppies we have in our store right now, just click here!

1. Boston Terrier.

These dogs are small and a bit muscular however they will never usually weigh any more than 25 pounds. These dogs are known for being great urban dogs. They are extremely social animals which is why they would be satisfied with a short walk to the dog park to meet other owners and their dogs.small dog breeds for sale

2. Maltese.

These dogs are very small and only weigh up to 8-10 lbs. That is very small! So it is important that these dogs are really looked after when they are being taken care of properly. You want to make sure that you check the floor daily for small things that these dogs may choke on. Besides their smallness, these dogs are pure family entertainment. They love learning tricks and snuggling up with their owners.

3. Pugs.

These dogs weigh up to 28lbs which is still very light compared to other bigger dogs. They are more muscle built than most other small dog breeds. These dogs love social families. They are easy to travel with and do not tend to bark often when left alone. Though you will not want to leave these little guys alone for too long. They are extremely affectionate and love playing with their owners.

If you are looking for a cute small dog breed to add to your household this summer, come to check out our selection at any of our Petland locations. It is important to make sure that your lifestyle fits the type of lifestyle that these dogs will thrive and live healthy lives in.

If you have any more questions about our small dog breeds for sale feel free to give us a call or ask any of our staff members when you come into our Petland location.

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