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How the End of WFH Impacts Dogs with Separation Anxiety

How the End of WFH Impacts Dogs with Separation Anxiety

November 3, 2021

An influx of puppies to homes across America has helped fill a lot of homes with much-needed love and comfort over the past year and a half. While we are certainly all looking forward to life getting closer to what it used to look like – the one exception might be returning to the office. What are we supposed to do now that we have to go back into the office? Leave our dogs?! 

We know. Leaving the pups at home can be anxiety-inducing for us, too! We’ve curated a helpful list of things you can try for the pesky hours while you’re making a living.

For When You Have to Work Late

A great option for high-energy dogs is to enlist the help of a dog walking service. Depending on your area rates can range anywhere from $15-$35/30 minutes ($26 is the average for most urban areas in the U.S. per half hour).

A great medium to try if a professional service is out of your price range are apps that connect you with dog lovers in your area that have much more cost effective rates than the bigger companies.

For Calming Crated Pups

If your ideal plan is to crate your dog while you go to work – get started now! Nothing helps the learning curve like practice. While you do errands, hit the gym, or even take the trash out, practice crating your dog for a short period of time so when you return to work, they’re used to it.

We also love any toy that encourages licking as this sensory function calms your dog while they get used to the crate. It helps them have something to smell and keeps mentally engaged – plus licking is shown to release happy hormones for them to feel chill.

For the Night You Aren’t Up for Playtime

It’s not unlikely that your pet may get antsy while you’re gone. If you want to exercise their mind without a long game of tug-o-war, we totally feel you. Use a toy that requires scent work and they will treat you like chopped liver. We love snuffle balls and mats as well as stuffable toys – whatever floats your boat! 

For Your Own Anxiety

We know you swore you would never do this, shhh..let go and join the rest of us. If there was ever a time to get a dog camera, it’s after a year of WFH when you finally have to leave your precious pooch.

They Will Be Okay, Really!

We know going back to work is a big adjustment for both you and your dog. Plus, most dogs do sleep about 12-14 hours per every 24-hour cycle, according to the National Sleep Foundation; so, there’s a good chance he’s snoozing while you’re gone! 

Keep in mind that dogs are adaptable creatures who are able to keep up with changes life brings whether that’s a new baby, a move, or even going back to work.

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