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Petland Advice: Why Your Cute Puppy Dogs May Be Afraid of the Dark

Petland Advice: Why Your Cute Puppy Dogs May Be Afraid of the Dark

July 3, 2019

Petland in Summerville asks are your cute puppy dogs afraid of the dark?

Dogs certainly can be afraid of the dark, although it isn’t very common. The vision for dogs at night is better than humans, but that doesn’t mean your cute puppy dogs can’t be afraid of the dark. There may be several reasons for their fears. They may suffer from a form of anxiety or have problems with their vision. If you notice your pet struggles with being left alone in the dark take note to what may be occurring beneath the surface. Petland in Summerville is invested in the health and well-being of your pets. Here we share the reasons why your pup may be afraid of the dark.

Their eyesight needs to be checked.

Just to reaffirm there isn’t something deeper going on with their eyesight, check with a veterinarian. If you notice every time your cute puppy dogs are left in the dark, they having difficulty moving around, it may be a sign they are having trouble seeing. Depending on your dog’s age, their eyesight could be weakening which is another reason to get their eyesight checked. Either way for safety simply check with your veterinarian for an eye exam.petland in summerville

Separation Anxiety.

Your dog could be experiencing separation anxiety. Your furry friend may not like to be left alone away from you too long. If that is the case, we suggest you create a routine for your pup every night when you leave them so they know you will return soon. They’ll learn the routine and become less anxious over time. Separation anxiety can also be pretty common in newborn puppies. They may cry a bit in the beginning but get used to it as they mature. Don’t worry it takes time. For questions or concerns come visit our store and talk to a member of our staff.

Help your dog overcome their fear.

To help your pup overcome their fear try creating a space for them in your home that is well lit at night or dim enough to for an easy bedtime routine. If the area isn’t completely dark. They may be able to sleep easier. Give your pup a blanket at night for some security to feel more at ease. Give them praise when they do a good job in the morning to help them overcome their fear.

Petland in Summerville cares about the well-being of pets, as we take exceptional care of our pups while they are housed with us. We are also here to help our pet owners with more information or tips on how to keep your pup anxiety free at night or any questions or concerns you may have. For more information or to see all of our available puppies visit our store at a location near you.

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