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Petland Blog: 3 Harmful Summer Plants to Keep From Your Dog

Petland Blog: 3 Harmful Summer Plants to Keep From Your Dog

June 21, 2019

Have you been looking into sprucing up your outdoor area? Let Petland go over do’s and don’ts for that new summer garden!

Maybe you’re considering adding some pretty flowers and plants to adorn your balcony. Whatever the case, when you purchase puppies for sale from any of our Petland locations, we want to make sure that you’re well-informed of those pretty little flowers that can be pretty traumatic for puppies for sale you purchased. Don’t just chance it! Take a look at our compiled list of three harmful and three safe and pet-friendly plants that will add beauty and charm without causing any harm!

Harmful Plants and Flowers

1. Those Doggone Daffodils

There’s no dealing with those daffodils! These flowers contain lycorine, which induces vomiting. If your pup ingests the bulb, plant or flower it will likely cause severe diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pain, and even respiratory problems. Keep these beauties far away from your furry beauties.

2. Lurking Liliespetland

As lovely as lilies are, they are simply some of the most harmful and dangerous flowers that shouldn’t be in the presence of your new puppies for sale. There are, however, some types that can be around pets. It’s really important to do your research to know the difference. Our advice – it’s better to be safe than sorry. Digesting of these harmful plants range from minor issues to more severe ones like excessive drooling to a fatality. If you have lilies and suspect your pup may have consumed some, take your pet to the vet immediately.

3. Terrible Tulips

Tulips contain allergenic lactones that are rather similar to what’s found in daffodils. If your pup is digging up the bulbs and ingesting them, it can cause terrible irritation to their mouths and esophagus. Larger consumptions can result in respiratory problems and an increase of heart rate.

Safe and Pet-Friendly Plants

1. Good Old Garden Marigolds

These flowers aren’t just beautiful, they’re also quite functional. They assist with bringing bees to your garden and protecting your precious veggies, if you happen to have some. Their striking scent deters beetles and other pesky bugs, but they’re also safe around your pup!

2. Dealing with Dill

Unlike parsley, which is very toxic to cats and dogs, dill is one of those delicious and edible plants that, if consumed, won’t harm the precious puppies for sale you have in your home!

3. A Terrific Thyme

Another duel herb that won’t harm your pets is thyme. This perennial plant doesn’t need a lot of attention. Just give them a little water and some sun and they’re good to go! They’re edible for both you and your pup!

We hope that this post has been beneficial for you and your furry baby. As always, our staff at any of our Petland locations are available to answer your questions!

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